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Evidence based 1 to 1 coaching for cyclists of all levels




At Nero Coaching our 1:1 coaching services are based on individuality. We take the time to customise your training  to account for factors such as your goals, where you live/train, the other riding you wish to do weekly. Your training is 100% customised and no two athletes schedules are the same.

You will no longer need to worry about trying to fit various structured sessions in your overall week. Our coaches will listen to your needs, taking the time to ensure enjoyable, sustainable training long-term.


To deliver and manage your training we use a platform called TrainingPeaks. When you look at your training calendar on TrainingPeaks you will be confident that every workout has been built with your short and long term goals in mind and is prescribed to achieve a specific goal. 

Our 1:1 coaching options all include direct contact with your coach. You'll never be confused again about what your training is targeting or how a specific session fits in, our coaches will be available to answer all your questions.


The Nero Coaches are all university qualified sport scientists or physiotherapists. All of our coaches have an in depth knowledge of human physiology and are passionate cyclists themselves. Our coaches have spent years learning about the body's physiology and how to improve it to achieve any cycling goal. 

The professionalism of the Nero Coaches speaks for itself through their personal achievement on the bike and their consistent enthusiastic 5 star reviews which you can read below.


Jesse Coyle

Bachelor of Exercise and Sports Science

I've been coaching road cyclists since 2017. I also worked part-time for Today's Plan as an Operational Coach working with the world's top coaches in managing their athletes and teams. 

I've raced at the UCI Continental level since 2018, competing across Europe, Asia and the USA. As a relative late-comer to the sport, I've had a unique journey applying my theoretical knowledge to coach myself through the club grades to UCI Continental level in the space of 3 years.

This unique perspective is what contributes to my success as a coach and I look forward to using my experience and knowledge to develop you as a rider.


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Daniel Van Der Laan

Bachelor of Applied Science (Physio) Class 1 Honours, APAM 
AusCycling Level 2 Track and Road Coach

I have been coaching since 2014. During my physiotherapy studies I found a love for anatomy and physiology. But I realised I didn't want to work with just injured athletes, I wanted to be working with all athletes to achieve their goals.

As a cyclist I knows what it takes to go from no fitness back to the highest level, having to come back from a motor vehicle accident left me permanently injured in my hip. I have won multiple Australian Championships as a para-athlete and have represented Australia at World Championships.

As a coach, my love for the human physiology underpins my methodology which I've applied from club level riders up to age-group World Champions.

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$255 USD per month
Pay in $USD or $AUD

Our most popular level of coaching, Gold is for committed riders seeking serious improvement, more consistent performances and a deeper learning experience on all things cycling.

As a Gold level client you'll receive your program monthly, with alterations whenever needed. There'll be a consistent stream of communication between you and your coach, so your training can be adjusted on-the-go depending on your schedule.

You'll also receive specific, individualised tactical advice to assist you to reach your goals in your target events.

What’s included?
  • Custom individualised training program

  • Twice weekly written questions and training feedback (Monday - Friday) 

  • Training alterations as needed

  • Monthly coaching call (rider initiated)

  • Goal development

  • Event strategic advice, analysis and feedback

  • Strength training prescription (if required)

  • TrainingPeaks premium account

No setup fees, no minimum time periods



$405 USD per month
Pay in $USD or $AUD

Platinum is for serious riders who not only want to train, but want to achieve the fastest progression possible for their cycling.  This is an all encompassing coaching package that will provide the most detailed level of advice and education on every aspect of your cycling.

Expect to have clear detail on each session, the overall week, ride nutrition, race tactics, recovery, equipment or anything else you wish to discuss. 

This is the most effective way to not only transform your cycling performance but also become an extremely well educated and experienced high performing cyclist.

What’s included?

Platinum includes everything from Gold, with the following upgrades: 

  • Unlimited written questions and training feedback
  • iMessage or WhatsApp communication for faster response (including weekends)

  • Weekly coaching call at scheduled time

  • Ride nutrition advice, planning and feedback 



No setup fees, no minimum time periods



Lena J, NSW

Nero Coaching has helped my cycling a great deal and I highly recommend this service. Jesse has provided a tailored program that keeps me motivated and improving while at the same time managing a busy work schedule.

Leigh A, TAS

Highly skilled coaches and communicators, they really know how to build fitness and get you race ready. Plans are engaging and fun to complete and the feedback is insightful and helpful. Certainly a five star coaching service.

Dean S, NSW

Been with Nero coaching for 2 months now and have seen massive gains in my racing and overall fitness. The coaches are great to talk to and asking questions is super easy.

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Let us know a brief riding history and what you're looking to get out of coaching. We will get back to you within 48 hours with our Athlete Questionnaire and go from there!


If you are a non-coached client, Jesse offers one-off consultations on cycling training, ride nutrition or general performance via Google Meet video call.

These consultations do not involve training or other analysis prior to the call, but training or other data can be analysed on the call as necessary. There is no written planning or prescription as part of the consultation, if you are after training prescription/coaching, please see coaching services above.

Consultations are $250 AUD for a 1 hour session. Submit the following form and we will get back to you within 24 hours with a link to schedule the consultation.